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Poolbeg Dot Mandala

Fusion of Irish Landscape & Ancient Indian Art.

Tribal Art Notebook Covers

Customised hand painted note book covers inspired from Tribal art.

Musical mandala

Music themed Dot Mandala painting on a cork base using Acrylic paints

Mandala Design

Freshly brewed Mandala design on watercolour background

Terracotta pot decor

Lippan Art inspired Pot Decor

Circular wall art

Madhubani + Dot Mandala inspired Wall Decor

Dot Mandala on Canvas board

Painting a colourful Dot Mandala on a 5"*&" canvas board

Madhubani Art

Madhubani Art inspired Wall Hanging

Untitled design

This pot decoration is inspired from Gota work done on clothes in Rajasthan, India

Krishna painting

Krishna Dot Mandala Painting

Mandala design

White Mandala on an Abstract Background

Madhubani Art

A beautiful wall decor inspired from Madhubani Art


Mandala design Bookmarks

Block Printing

Tried Block Printing on a Cushion cover

Dot Mandala Acrylic painting

Dot Mandala on 16" * 20" canvas

Coaster set

Musical Warli Coaster set

Circular wall art

Warli + Dot Mandala Wall Decor

Wall Art - Warli art

Warli art inspired Wall Art

Wooden Coasters set

Hand painted waterproof Dot Mandala Wooden Coasters set

Notebook cover design

Mandala design on Notebook cover

Clay bowls

Dot Mandala on Clay Bowls

Terracotta pot decors

Ancient Indian Art on Terracotta Pots

Cushion cover designs

Warli Art & Dot Mandala inspired Cushion covers

Terracotta pot decors

Warli Art Pot Painting

Friendship wall art

Friendship special Dot Mandala Wall Hanging

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