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‘A fusion of Irish landscape in warli art style with a Mandala art around it’

WARLI ART is a tribal art done by Warli tribe, it originated in Maharashtra, India where it is still practiced today. The tribals uses their clay huts as the backdrop or canvas for their painting using rice powder & water with some gum as a binder to use it as paint & chewed bamboo sticks as a paint brush. These paintings are made on a terracotta walls to celebrate any occasion like marriage, child birth, harvest, festivals etc. These wall paintings used a set of geometrical shapes like circle, triangle, squares which were basically inspired from nature like circle from sun & moon, triangles from mountains etc. These ancient art styles are a true example of experiencing the joy while creating a joyous scene of a particular occasion with dancing people & so much more.

Here in this artwork, I tried creating an Irish landscape (Involving Sheeps) in a warli art style & created a beautiful freehand mandala art around it using some earthy colours. I am happy how it looks at the end but will be more happy if you can share your thoughts too.

Size: 40cm diameter
Base: Round stretched canvas


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