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One of the monuments which you can see while you are up in the sky & landing into Dublin (of course if it is not too cloudy).

Ireland is very special to my heart. This country gave me confidence & opportunity to pursue my passion & dream of making a career in the same field. There are so many beautiful lighthouses in Ireland but The Poolbeg lighthouse in Dublin is my personal favourite. I don’t have any specific reason but you know somethings just become very special, you feel very special & calm being in that place. Poolbeg lighthouse is that place for me.

Dot Mandala art (inspired from ancient art of Mandala) is an art style which gave identity to my art style. I have made so many different themes dot mandalas which I can proudly say are all my original designs. When you passionately love to do something you can never fall short of ideas & that’s what is making theme dot mandalas for me

I am happy to present this fusion of Irish landscape with Indian art style in this artwork. So satisfied with the outcome I can go on with writing my thoughts about this artwork but I will stop here & leave it to your interpretation & feedback.


Details about the artworks:

Base: Round stretched canvas

Size: 90cms

Medium: Acrylic paints


SKU: 1
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