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This is a print of my Original paintings on a Tote bag.

A way to own an original art in a useful form.


About the Artwork:

Here in this Poolbeg Lighthouse Dot Mandala Painting (5th picture is original painting). I have tried to make a fusion art of Ireland & India. Landscape inspired from a beautiful scenic lighthouse in Dublin & Dot Mandala is inspired from an Ancient Indian art known as Mandala Art.


These totes are very good quality, super strong, waterproof print & has a pocket on the back side.

PRICE: 20€ each

SIZE: 32cms *38cms (Approx).


Very limited stock in each design. 

Always grateful for all the support!!


  • The print on the bag is wash proof however it is recommended to hand wash with a gentle soap so that the colours will not fade in the long run.

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