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Stone Painting

Hey all creative people,

Paint, Brushes and paper/canvas are enough for me to disappear into my world of happiness!!

I love to do and learn various types of art and crafts, hence this time I tried some stone painting. In this video, I am sharing 5 different styles of painting stones/rocks and they turned out pretty cool.

These painted stones can be used in many different ways like as a beautiful home decor, as a personalized gift for someone special, could be placed in different plants/herbs by mentioning that specific plant/herb name on stones, etc... options are endless :)

Different styles of painting stones:

Using Acrylic colours: I have painted a stone in Minion style by using acrylic colour and brushes, you can paint anything you wish using acrylic colours.

Using Sharpie permanent markers: Using just sharpie permanent markers I have painted cherry fruit on stone. Sharpie permanent markers works best on white or light shaded stone.

Using Acrylic colours and sponge: In this technique, I have given some texture to my stone using acrylic colour and sponge and then adding some text to it give it a personalized touch.

Using Puffy paints: Here, without any planned design or pattern. I gave a base colour to my stone using acrylic colour and then picked up some puffy paints and started making any pattern which came into my mind at that time. This one turned out pretty cool.

Using Glitter: Finally!! using glitter powder and mod-podge I have given a very shiny effect to one stone.. after all how can any home decor item could finish without having something sparkly in it.

Hope you liked this idea and will give it a try.

Happy Crafting !!

AnkiNish Creations

"Love Being Creative"

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