Room Decor

May 13, 2016

Hey all creative people,

For creating this Room decor, first we will have to make 3 canvas paintings. I am painting my canvas based on my life & dreams. All 3 paintings are super easy to make and will give you lots of positive energy throughout the day. 


So lets get started!!



First Canvas Painting is I PAINT my DREAMS

Cut a heart shape on a self adhesive paper and them stick it in the centre of your canvas and paint your canvas using various colours and some random lines.. no rules ;) 

After the paint had dried remove the heart sticker and give this heart shape a nice border to highlight it.

Finally write a quote inside the heart design to which you completely stand by and you are done with your first painting :)

Super easy!!



Second Canvas Painting is CINDERELLA

This one is Easier than the previous one!!Take a print out of a Cinderella silhouette and stick it on bottom left side of the canvas using a glue stick, because we don't want to stick this silhouette permanently ;)After this spray paint on the canvas and when the spray paint is almost dry carefully remove the silhouette.Finally write a quote and you are done with this one as well.Excited to make this!! Go ahead :)

Third Canvas Painting is Travel

Travelling to different places is everyone's dream!! So why not make something, which will remind & motivate us to take a break and travel to different places..

Here I have given an ombre background to my canvas and then wrote some of my dream destinations on small pieces of cardboard and placed them on a long piece of a cardboard and then stick them to the canvas like so..

Finally write a quote & Happy travelling!! :)



Lastly I joined all these 3 paintings using some felt in between and tadaaa... A Motivational room decor piece is ready to keep you positive through out the day.



Hope you liked this idea and will give it a try.


Happy Crafting !!


AnkiNish Creations

"Love Being Creative" 



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