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Cute & Easy Bookmarks

Hey all creative people,

Who doesn't loves cute and adorable bookmarks!! In this video, We are sharing four super cute and easy bookmark making ideas!! They all are very simple & fun to make.

I love crafting and my husband loves reading, so I thought let's make some cute and unique bookmarks this time. They are very easy to make and will bring a smile on that person's face who will put this bookmark after enjoying their reading!! Cute Gift idea for all book lovers/readers out there!! In this video I am sharing 4 types of DIY Bookmarks:

1. Pom Pom Bookmark:

This one is the easiest and cutest out of all. Materials required: U-pin Pom Pom Hot glue gun Masking tape Googly eyes Pom Pom lace Procedure:

Take a U-pin and attach a Pom Pom to it with the help of glue gun and cover it with a piece of masking tape for extra protection. Now stick a pair of googly eyes to the other side of pom pom and make our cute pom pom live ;) and finally stick a cute pom pom lace on top of the pom pom to make it's ears or head gear or whatever you want to call it.

Give it a try, It will only take few minutes to make.

2. Puppet Bookmark:

You can consider it to be an updated version of the first one. But this one turned out to be the most unique one.

Materials required:

Lace (2 cm wide) and a thin one as well U-pin Hot glue gun Pom Pom Googly eyes Masking tape Foam sheet Match stick Scissor


For this bookmark it's better to follow the video to get the exact idea about how to make it.

Basically I have tried making a puppet like figure out of lace pieces here and then using pom poms to fill the body and make the face, if that makes any sense ;)

Finally attaching the googly eyes, nose and U-pin on the back side to make it work as a bookmark.

3. Bee Bookmark:

This one is my absolute favourite.

Materials required: Wire plier 3 circular beads Hot glue gun Googly eyes Masking tape U-pin

Procedure: Cut 2 same length wire and make an eye on 1 end of each wire. Insert all the 3 beads in both the wires and secure each bead with other one using hot glue, as shown in the picture below.

Now fold the other end of wires to make 2 cute antenna's (see the right picture) and finally attach googly eyes and U-pin and your Bee bookmark is ready.

4. Beetle Bookmark: If you like simple things the this bookmark is perfect for you.

Materials required: Cardboard pieces Pencil Black and Red markers Hole puncher School glue Hot glue Foam sheet Scissor Procedure: For this one no procedure details are required, just draw & paint a cute beetle and stick it to a foam sheet to make a cute beetle bookmark. That's it.. now you have 4 cute and easy ideas for making unique bookmarks!!

Hope you liked this idea and will give it a try.

Happy Crafting !!

AnkiNish Creations

"Love Being Creative"

#diy #doityourself #bookmarks

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