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Minion Shoes

Hey all creative people,

YOU are 1 in the MINIONS!!! If you believe in yourself and have confidence in your Art and Talent, then you are truly ONE in MILLIONS. This time I am sharing my most favourite creation with you all, and that is Minions shoe. If you love Minions then get ready for Minions magic!!

Materials required:

1 White canvas shoes

2 Acrylic colours and paint brushes

3 Masking tape

4 Fabric glue

5 Scissor6 Colour palette

7 Self sticky paper

8 Googly eyes

9 Pencil

10 Tissue paper/Newspaper

Step 1: Get a pair of plain white canvas shoes and remove shoe laces. Step 2: Tuck in the shoes some tissue paper or newspaper to get rid of any waves or wrinkles while painting. Step 3: Stick masking tape covering the lower edges of the shoes to protect the edges from paint while painting shoes. Step 4: Basic colours we will use for Minion inspired shoes are Yellow and Blue. Paint the front portion of the shoe with blue colour. Step 5: On self sticky paper make a circle with some round object for using it as a stencil for Minion goggles. Stick the circle on the outward side of both shoe like on the left side of the left shoe and on the right side of the right shoe. Step 6: Paint yellow colour on the remaining portion of the shoe and when the colour is dried take out the goggles stencils from the shoe and you will get the perfect circle for goggles. Step 7: Again make a circle on Self sticky paper but smaller then the circle used in step 5 and stick it inside the circle formed previously on the shoe for making goggles frame and colour the frame with light green colour. Step 8: When the frame colour is dried remove the sticker and reveal the clean and nice frame. Step 9: With black colour make strips for goggles. Step 10: Add smiles to the below the eyes to make our Minion shoe happy happy. Step 11: Stick googly in the centre of the frame to make it more lively. Step 12: Remove masking tape from the edges of the shoes. Step 13: Paint the laces light green or yellow or keep them as it is. Step 14: Finally put the lace back into the shoe and you are ready to rock your Minions shoe.

Hope you liked this idea and will give it a try.

Happy Crafting !!

AnkiNish Creations

"Love Being Creative"

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