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Travel Tote Bag

Hey all creative people,

It's always good to keep an extra tote bag, whenever you travel... because we never know how much shopping we will end up doing ;) In this post, I am sharing my newest Travel tote bag.. which you can actually DIY yourself.

Materials required:

1 Plain tote bag

2 Acrylic colours'

3 Card stock paper

5 WaterColour

6 Palette

7 Brushes

8 Sponge

9 Pencil

Step 1: Place a Card stock paper or plastic bag inside the bag to protect the other side of the bag.

Step 2: Dip the sponge in water and apply it on the bag to make the bag slightly wet. This will help us in creating perfect shading for the background.

Step 3: Take some light blue colour in the brush and dip the same brush little bit in water and start painting on the bag. You can increase/decrease the intake of water in this process depending on how opaque/ transparent you want your background on the bag. Cover the whole front portion of the bag and keep it aside for drying completely for the next step.

Step 4: When the bag has dried completely. Draw all travel essentials on a travel tote bag using a pencil.. to make it more easy you can even refer images from Google like I did for an aeroplane.

Step 5: It's the most fun part.. Colouring all the masterpieces you have drawn your bag.. So go ahead and be colourful.

Hope you liked this idea and will give it a try.

Happy Crafting !!

AnkiNish Creations

"Love Being Creative"

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