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10 things you need, if you want to start crafting in general.

If you want to start crafting for starting an Art & Craft blog, website, Youtube channel etc.. These are my top 10 favourite things which I think you must have to start crafting.

I am Anki from AnkiNish Creations, Where we believe "Being creative is not just hobby, it's a way of life" and we love being creative.

So let's get on to our must haves:


Acrylic paints comes in wide range considering the quality and price + they comes in tonnes of shades to work with. I pretty much use acrylic paints for 90% of my Art & Craft projects. They are so versatile and easy to work with.

Watch this video, I have painted ceramic pots using Acrylic paints here. This is just an example but you can use Acrylic paints for pretty much everything which you don't want to thoroughly wash.

Here are some links to look out for Acrylic paints:

For India click

For Global click



Foam brushes are great to add on to your craft closet as they work works great for many things like..

-Painting on Glass: When you paint on glass or plastic with a brush you will see those brush lines formed on the object even after the paint has dried and also sometimes while applying multiple layers of paints you may experience that the previous layer comes off while applying the next one. Here's when you need a foam brush in life.

-Applying Mod-podge: You can always apply Mod-podge on your work to seal the paint and make it last longer but doing this with a brush might leave you with brush stokes being visible to your work and that's not what you want!!

These were just some examples for using foam brush. There are many other ways they will come very handy for you while crafting.

Here are some links to look out for Foam brush:

For India click

For Global click



This is my favourite!!! Whether you are making a greeting card, scrapbooking, decorating some item, making jewellery and so on... Glitter is a must for any kind of craft project you are planning to do. To add that bling and make something very special, glitter is that one item you need to have in your craft closet.

In this video you can get some idea about how you can use glitter to decorate something and make some beautiful home decor items.

Here are some links to look out for glitter:

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For Global click



Not sure what craft to try out first?? Try to do some scrapbooking. This way you can learn about some interesting patterns and colour combinations in which the scrapbook papers come. You can also make lovely greeting cards, envelope etc with scrapbook papers. I also use them as a background to make my craft for filming my videos. They really make a huge difference.

Here are some link to look out for Scrapbooking papers:

For India click

For Global click



The most important weapon for a crafter is Hot Glue Gun. I cannot dream of making any craft without my glue gun. It makes sticking anything super easy and fast. You can also use Hot glue for various other things and not just as an adhesive.

Like, In this video I have made various accessories using hot glue. You can make it too, it's very easy.

Here are some links to look out for Hot glue gun:

For India click

For Global click



Mod-Podge is a kind of glue which works as sealer for your work to make it more durable and last longer. It dries transparent and comes in various different finishes and uses. The most widely used type of Mod-podge are Gloss lustre Mod-podge & Matte finish Mod-podge. You can start by using these two if you are a beginners and then you can explore other varieties of Mod-podge depending on your need.

Here are some links to look out for Mod-Podge:

For India click

For Global click



Masking tapes also known as painter's tape is very useful when you want to create certain borders while painting on canvas or fabric, so that you can have a clear edge after you are done painting without worrying about going out of the line while painting.

In this video you can get an idea of how I used masking tape to get some really clean edges while painting this tote. It really made my work easy and effortless.

Here are some link to look out for Masking tape:

For India click

For Global click

Washi tapes are patterned/decorative masking tape which are used for decorating things, making greeting cards, scrapbooking and various other things. It's a must have for any crafter. They come in so many different colours and patterns that sometimes it becomes really difficult to chose and buy. Once you start collecting washi tape you can easily get obsessed with it and soon your drawers would be flooded with it (my personal experience)

Here are some links to look out for Washi tapes:

For India click

For Global click



There are various types of clay available to work with. I like to use polymer clay and Air dry clay.

Polymer clay has to be baked to harden it and it comes in various colours. Air dry clay dries and hardens on it's own as the name suggests and then after drying can be painted.

Here is the video where I am sharing an easy tutorial to make polymer clay pendants. Even I am a beginner with polymer clay, so you will find the tutorial really easy.

Here are some links to look out for polymer clay:

For India click

For Global click

Here are some links to look out for Air dry clay:

For India click

For Global click



Rhinestones are something which you will find in any crafter's closet, be that someone doing paper craft or fabric craft or anything else... they are a super versatile decorating items. So I had to include that in my list.

Again they come in wide range of varieties, some are self adhesive and some had to sticked using glue.

Here are some links to look out for Rhinestones:

For India click

For Global click


10. Positivity and Creativity:

Don't be afraid to start, don't be afraid to mess up, don't be afraid if the thing does not turns out to be great... just remember that crafting is the process of learning new things every day in life. Enjoy the process without worrying about the end result, that way you will be more creative coz innovative ideas flows only in free mind.

So, these are my top picks. Your list might exclude some of these and include something else, depending on your requirement. This article is just to give you an idea to get started.

I hope you liked this article. When I started crafting I did not knew about most of the things I mentioned above, but you have something to get started.

Share this article with your friends who are interested in Arts & Crafts.

I hope you have an amazing day.

-Ankinish Creations

Love being creative

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