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Painting on a natural canvas!! Rock/Stone painting in 10 different styles!!

Have you tried stone painting?? It's a fun DIY for which we don't have to expend much and we have plenty of canvas for us to practice and create Art.

You can invite your kid's friends and have a fun creative time with them by giving some rocks and non-toxic paints to paint. This way they will enhance their creativity and you can bond more with your kids. Isn't that a great idea!!

In this Blog, you will get some cute and unique ideas for painting on rocks.

Let's get started!!

1. Peacock Stone

Take a round rock, if possible. Paint it with black Acrylic paint first and then using 3D neon liners, doodle peacock design!! If you don't have neon liners you can paint the peacock design with acrylic colours.

This would make a beautiful and elegant inexpensive home decor piece.

2. Be cool / Text stone painting

This one is another great idea for painting on stones!! You can write any text like any important or memorable date which you want to cherish for lifetime. You can also write the plant name and place the rock in that particular plant pot. This way you can remember the name of plant and will work as a garden decor.

For writing text, you can use neon liners, puffy paints, acrylic paints, permanent markers etc.. whatever is handy for you.

3. Hope / Another text stone painting

For this one, I have added a wreath kind of border around the text "Hope" and have included 2 colours which gives an extra effect to the text.

You can add your creativity & imagination and make some really simple and beautiful home decor.

4. Doodle Stone painting

When you don't know what to paint on your rock or when you have lots of ideas to paint-then try doodle.

This is an amazing idea for all those who loves to doodle. Paint you favourite doodles and have fun.

You can also use these beautiful stones as paper weight.

5. Love

This one has to be there in this list, as valentine's day is coming. Love is beautiful and life is nothing without 'Love'.

Make this simple rock painting and give it to your loved ones on this valentine's day.

You can find detailed video about how to paint 1-5 Rocks in the video given below:

6. Minion Stone painting

One more idea of Rock painting is to paint it in your favourite cartoon character. Minion is my favourite hence I have painted a rock in complete minion

"Rock painting is a great opportunity to go out in nature and find some cool rocks to paint"

Ask your kids to paint their favourite cartoon character on a rock.

7. Cherries / Permanent marker painting

This is the fastest way of Stone painting!! All you need is permanent markers and a stone. Create some lovely fruit designs using markers and have a lovely art piece ready in few minutes.

Now, you don't have any excuse for not doing stone painting ;)

8. Artistic stone painting

A special one for all Artist & crafters out there!!

For this one I have used Sponge to create the turquoise border over the red paint and then used the back side of the paint brush to make dots and flowers.

This one is my favourite!!

9. Puffy paint Stone painting

A baby pink base and adding various colours designs on top using puffy paints!! This is making me crave for a delicious cupcake.

This one is very simple but looks very unique.

Try this by yourself, but keep some cupcakes ready for you to eat after you make this ;)

10. Glitter stone painting

Last but definitely not the least one!!

Glitter makes anything & everything look pretty. So here is the last stone painting idea in my list using glitter.

Once your glitter is sticked nicely to the stone and glue has dried, apply a layer of mod-podge on the glitter to stop glitter from falling or coming to your hand every time you pick the stone.

You can apply this trick with all your glitter crafts.

You can find detailed video about how to paint 6-10 Rocks in the video given below:

I hope you liked these 10 ideas of painting Stones/Rocks. You can use any of them or just use your creativity to make some lovely home decor using Stones/Rocks, I bet you will fall in love with this craft.

Here are some of the links for some materials you might be looking for:

1. Acrylic colours: India-click, Global-click

2. Puffy paints: India-click, Global-click

3. 3d neon liners: India-click,

4. Permanent markers: India-click, Global-click

5. Glitter: India-click, Global-click

6. Glitter outliner: India-click, Global-click

7. Mod-podge: India-click, Global-click

Thanks you so much for your time!!

Love being creative

-AnkiNish Creations

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