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10 Last Minute Gift ideas for this Valentine's day (2018) - Handmade and Readymade


This Valentine's day make your loved one's feel extra special!! After all, life is nothing without love. Here is an ultimate gift guide which includes 10 amazing & unique gift ideas for the one you love.

Love is the most powerful force on earth which connects people with each other through their lifetime but sometimes we tend to forget how important that person is in our life. So, let's make an effort this time for someone special in our life.

Let's get started...

1. Mickey - Minnie Jar

A very special handmade gift. All you have to do is paint Mickey Minnie silhouette on the outer side of the jar with the help of puffy paints.

In the video shared below, I have shared a very simple technique of painting the silhouette on the jar.

Where you can buy puffy paints:

In India: Click

Global: Click

Substitute of puffy paints:

In India: Click


We all love to put magnets on our fridge. Here is a gift idea where you can relive a special memory of your life by converting a memorable into a 3D magnet.

Use an empty jar lid as a base to stick the photo and then use Dimensional Mod podge for giving that 3D look.

I am sure this gift idea will be loved by that special one.

Here is the detailed tutorial video of 3D photo magnet. It is very easy to make and the end result is no less then a store bought one. Customise it the way you like and make a memorable gift!!

Here are links to materials you might want want to look for this gift idea:

Dimensional Mod podge: In India: Click, Global: Click

Mod podge: In India: Click, Global: Click


This gift idea is perfect for all age group people coz everyone loves chocolate and if given in such a sweet way, it tastes even better.

Take a glass jar and draw hearts on it's outer side with red colour 3D outliner. Apply glue on the inner side of the lid and sprinkle gold glitter on it. Now add some thermocol balls, some small glitter paper and Chocolates. Finally wrap the jar with a decorative ribbon/lace.

That's it!! Your customised chocolate jar is done. You can also add some messages or notes in some of your chocolates as a surprise element.

Here is the detailed tutorial video of this chocolate and it also includes a dry flower bouquet DIY which is also perfect gift as these flowers will last forever.

Here are some links for the materials required for this gift idea:

Red 3D outliner: In India: Click, Global: Click

Spray adhesive: Global: Click


Greeting cards are the most expressive gifts ever and this idea of greeting card is a level higher as you can also include a memorable picture in your greeting card with some moving

decorations on the picture. That's why th as shaker card.

Watch this video to know the step by step procedure of making this card. You can also use a cardboard for making this card and then your card will double up as a photo frame.


Take photos of some lovely memories of you and the person for whom you are making this gift and convert them into a photo wind chime.

Watch this video and get inspired to make your own photo wind chime. This will make a lovely home decor and will leave a smile on your face whenever you see the photos hanging on it.

Instead of the wooden bird house I have used in this video, You can use cardboard to make something like this for your DIY. It will work just fine.

These were my 5 Handmade DIY Gift ideas for Valentine's day, but they all can be useful for any other occasion as well. I hope you liked these ideas and will give them a try.


Everyone cannot make handmade gifts due to lack of time or interest, but still want to make their loved one's feel special on this day.

So, here I have selected some budget friendly yet useful Valentine's day gift idea which you can purchase online. You can don't have to scroll through the site as I have done the needful for you. If you like any of the below mentioned gifts, just click on them and place the order. you are sorted with the gift for the one you love.


This one is perfect gift for any couple. Start your day by having coffee/tea together in these cups and make it a habit throughout your life. Cherish that small 'WE' time everyday.

Here are some options for Mug Set.


There are so many cute pillows which you can gift it to your someone special. Make your bed or living area extra cozy by adding these adorable pillows.


Another amazing gift idea is Couple key chain which will always be there with them while starting the car, opening the cupboard or desk drawer or bike lock.


This one is my personal favourite. We all love to have a personal diary where we can doodle, make our to do list, write down travel list, penning down some poems or stories etc... Every body has some purpose for keeping a diary with him/her. Below are some very cute & lovely personal diary gift options. This gift can be for all age group people.

You can even gift this to yourself.. as we cannot love others if we don't love ourselves. Right!!

Do it this time, I bet you will feel awesome.


Finally if you could not manage for any of these, then Chocolates are always there for rescue.

Gift his/her favourite chocolate and spend some quality time together. It will make their day.

I hope you and your valentine have an awesome day!! May you cherish your love forever and ever.

These are my picks for valentine's day gift ideas... Some handmade and some ready made but budget friendly. I hope you like these Valentine's Day gift ideas. I am sure you will make this Love day count for the lifetime.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

Love being creative

-AnkiNish Creations

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