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Everywhere in Ireland you can find lots of Daisies in this time of the year 🫶🏻❤️

I was very nervous about painting flowers thinking that it will look bad 🫣 Having no training in the subject of Art or paintings I get anxious before starting any artwork… but I have learned one thing, to overcome such feelings all it takes is to START 🥰😃 & as I always say Enjoy the process 🎉💕

If you wish to buy this artwork, DM me or you can visit my website:
Or just like & share this post😇 any kind of support turns into a positive motivation for me to pursue my passion 🥰

Details of the artwork:
Name: Colourful world of Daisies
Size: 40*40cms
Base: Stretched canvas
Medium: Acrylic paints

Love being Creative ❤️

Colourful World of DAISIES

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