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'Power of Sea' is a part of my series 'Painting for Peace'.

Back story:

I painted this one in April when Ireland was experiencing a strong storm Kathleen. The winds & the waves were so powerful 🌊
At that time I was experiencing a inner storm of emotions in me as I got the news of my grandmother passing away back home in India and I was not able to handle my emotions of not being able to see her last time. Not being able to be with my parents & family at this time.
This artwork is very special for me for various reasons. I started making it just to distract myself from all the emotions or may be to let go myself of all the sorrows through art. Didn’t exactly knew what I am painting when I started, it just took the shape of strong something as it progressed. I don’t make art just to sell it, I make art to feel myself, to be myself, to be happy, to let out sorrows, to be in time, to express myself, to distract myself & so many more reasons 😌 This one will always be a sign of positivity, a sign of power, a sign of nature & a sign of being oneself 🥰

Art is truly such an important part of my life now ❤️

(Art waves powerful sea storm inner storm expression art is powerful power of sea power of nature)


Size: 50*70 cms on stretched canvas (Framed)

Medium: Acrylic paints

POWER OF SEA - 50*70 cms

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